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Corrie Ancone is a photographer based in South Sydney, Australia focusing on creating ethereal nude images that capture mythological and fantasy themes.

Born in Holland, Ancone moved to South Australia as a young child. And, being interested in art from a very young age, she decided to pursue it professionally.

In 1971, she began her career as a painter prior to falling in love with photography. A medium that allowed her the spontaneity she craved in her creative process and did not find in painting. Though initially starting as a hobby, it soon became her preferred medium for art creation. In 1989, she moved to Sydney, where she worked as a photographer in the arts, music events, for corporate and community functions, as well as working on documentaries and films.

Corrie Ancone’s images consist of erotic, colorful, and sensual scenes influenced by the mythology. Additionally, she draws inspiration from nature and the environment. Her creative driving force is her lust for exploration and finding similarities between the textures of the human body and natural landscapes. Furthermore, her work highlights her fascination with the nude form, as it offers the perfect vessel for endless creative stimulation.

Aside from mythological themes, the early Dadaist art movement, the Romantic period, and fantasy also inspire her photographs. Her creative process consists of using a Nikon camera and old-style photoflood lights with gels to capture her photos. To emulate the imagery from these influences, Corrie Ancone uses photo montage, overlays, and color manipulation of film and digital images. Additionally, the black and white color collisions give her photographs a painterly effect—a nod to her early artistic endeavors. The use of these techniques enhances the ethereal atmosphere present in her photographs.

Although she currently focuses on nude photography, she also delves into other genres such as landscapes, urban sceneries, and portraiture. Additionally, she continues to paint and do other work outside her personal projects. Apart from her own creative endeavors, Corrie Ancone works as a freelance photographer shooting got theatre, film, events, and other art-related industries.

Corrie Ancone received a Diploma of Fine Arts from the South Australian School of Art in Adelaide. Additionally, she studied fashion drawing and design at the Institute of Technology in Adelaide. Furthermore, she attended a variety of art classes and increased her artistic knowledge to further her photographic methods.

Some of her professional accomplishments include receiving the National Sakura Arts Prize in 1969. Furthermore. From 1975 to 1977 she was a member of the Progressive Arts Movement in Adelaide. And, from 1995 to 1997 she served as a member of the Arts Advisory Committee in Marrickville. In addition, in 1997 she helped found Stone Villa Inc., an artist ran studio space.

Corrie Ancone’s work displayed in solo and group exhibitions on an international scale. Furthermore, her images published in a variety of international photographic books and magazines. Most notably, her immense collection of photos and archives will soon publish in a picture book series titled Belle Art.

Aside from working as a photographer, Corrie Ancone has experience working as a draftsman assistant, lingerie designer, and a craft, drawing, and photography teacher.
Solo Exhibitions

2012 Gaffa Gallery "Naked Ladies'
2010 GAFFA Gallery, Sydney, "SEVEN”
2001 ‘ADELAIDE Festival’ Fringe. The Light gallery
1997 PCL Exhibitionists. SYDNEY
1996 "With Grace Glitz & Glam" Chrissie Cotter gallery, SYDNEY. Mardis Gras Event
1995 Hester Gallery Sydney
1994 Bare gallery. Sydney
1990 Art Look. Sydney
1984 Studio 20. Adelaide
1982 Documentation,Dutch Th. Group “KISS” travelling National exhibition, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland
1980 Bakery 'Performance'.Exhibtion
1978 Consortium Gallery. Adelaide
1973 Llewelyns Gallery. Adelaide

Group Exhibition

2015 Palazzo Velli-Roma. Exhibition of Australian Artists in Rome (Nov)
2015 Yuga Cafe Glebe SYD: The Kangaroo's visit-Rome Exhibition (Sept)
2012 'Art Takes Times Square '. NYC on Iconic Billboards
2012 "Wilde in the Country". South Hill Gallery, Goulburn
2011 BLANCO NEGRO. launch of DeVere405DS. .silver gelatin prints
2011 TAPP GALLERY .Sydney... '"INSIGHT OUT" '
2010 'ANIMA MUNDI '.."Dante Trilogy". Primo Piano Livin Gallery. Lecce, ITALY
2008 Chrissie Cotter gallery Sydney. Stone Villa Inc
2006 D.I.S.A. Ecuador project. Museo Camilo Egas, Banco Central del ECUADOR
2006 ‘StoneVilla Show’ Chrissie Cotter Gallery. NSW
2005 ‘CAUSE’ 2. Cultural Centre of Murksum, BELGIUM
2005 Chrissie Cotter Gallery. NSW
2004 "Silver Halo" The Lab. Sydney NSW
2004 ‘CAUSE’ 1. Travelling Exhibition..EUROPE & AFRICA
2004 Grand Forks Gallery "A rose is a Rose" British Columbia CANADA. International Artists
2003 'Stone Villa Show’ Chrissie Cotter Gallery
2002 'Stone Villa Show’ Chrissie Cotter Gallery
1997 Malthouse Theatre, MELBOURNE. 'The Rembrandt Connection' Dutch Migrant Artists living in Australia
1996 'Food Fest Show’, Hester Gallery, Sydney
1993 Victorian Art Gallery 'The Second Landing' MELBOURNE. Dutch Migrant Artists living in Australia, in conjunction with the ‘Van Gogh” show
1985 W.A.M. Adelaide
1985 Studio7 Exhibition of S.A. artists
1983 ANZART. Hobart, Tasmania
1981 Studio 20, Adelaide
1981 Experimental Art foundation, Adelaide
1980 W.A.M .Art Show, Adelaide
1980 W.A.M. 'Posrtcard' show, Adelaide
1979 University of Adelaide "Union show”
1977 Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide 'W.A.M.Exh'
1971 Skillion Gallery, Adelaide
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